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Instructional Design develops faculty training and provides curricular assistance for online program faculty and administration.


About Instructional Design at UB

Here at UB we approach online courses from the student’s perspective. We strive to create the UB Online Experience for all our students. The UB Online Experience brings together distinguished faculty with quality course design and delivery techniques to create personalized, optimized, and meaningful programs course which are designed to ensure that students gain the knowledge and experience needed to reach their goals.


FAQs and Quick Sheets

Sometimes you just need to know how to do something. These resources offer some frequently asked questions and quick guide information sheets to help you along the way.

Canvas FAQs
Zoom FAQs
Panopto FAQs
LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor FAQs

Self-Paced, Self-Enrollment Faculty Training

We offer a variety of self-paced courses that you can enroll in to assist you in creating and maintaining the UB Online Experience. We want you to be confident with using the technology associated with your online courses.  To be confident, you need to know both how to create this experience and why it is important. These trainings offer insight into the how and why of online courses at UB.

For more support while accessing these trainings, contact InstructionalDesign@bridgeport.edu.

The UB Experience Training

This training will take you through the UB Online Experience. It will provide you with the information regarding our conceptualization of online courses at UB, our course design standards, and our online course design approach.

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Course Design Training

This training will take you through the conceptualization of creating the UB Online Experience and the basic steps for designing your online course. It will provide you with the information you need to edit, build, and design your course in Canvas to meet the UB Standards.

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Course Delivery Training

This training will take you through the general expectations and requirements for delivering an online course at the University of Bridgeport. Delivering a course involves more than just logging in and grading, this training will help you facilitate and personalize your course in the most effective way for you and your students.

Enrolling soon

Course Content Training

This training will provide you guidance regarding content expectations for online courses. Students today expect more from an online course than just reading a textbook, this training offers suggestions for using videos and documents effectively while keeping accessibility in mind.

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Canvas Basics

This training will take you through basics of setting up your profile, notification settings and introduce you to the most common parts of Canvas. If you have never used Canvas before, or need a refresher in the basics, this course is for you.

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Panopto Training

Within Canvas, we offer you and your students Panopto as a video management tool. Panopto allows for lecture and screen capture, as well as podcasting capabilities. You can use Panopto to deliver content or feedback to your students or you can have your students use Panopto to create presentations bringing a face and voice to online learning. You can learn about using Panopto in your course through training course.

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Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor Training

Any time you choose to create tests or quizzes which focus on your students’ knowledge of the subject matter, creating a secure testing environment is important. Here at the University of Bridgeport we use Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor to enhance security and (if necessary) virtually proctor exams. This training will help you to prepare your course to use Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor on any quizzes or tests.

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Online Program Dean and Director Resources

Managing an online program requires considerations which can differ from managing a campus based program. In this resource center, you gain access to two important resources at once. First, you are provided a continuously updated list of services we offer to help you manage your program. Second, you gain access to secure environment in which you can share information regarding the management of the program, courses, and faculty with other online program Deans and Directors.

To gain access to this resource center, please contact InstructionalDesign@bridgeport.edu

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